Upholstery cleaning

We know that you spent a lot of money on your upholstered furniture. And you don’t have to be worried because we are the best when it comes to upholstery cleaning. We could provide you full list of cleaning services like: sofa clean, armchair clean, and so on. Don't hesitate and contact our local team.

Upholstery is one of the things that most contribute to the nice appearance of your room. Hence, it is not just a piece of decoration - it is one of your biggest investments. There are so many types of upholstery materials nowadays and sometimes people do not think of the cleaning methods when

they select their upholstery. One thing is sure – no matter what the fabric or material is there is a specific cleaning method for each and every one. This is where we, the professional  cleaners step up. Specialized care and treatment will ensure thorough cleaning and preservation of your upholstery. We understand that it is not a simple job to choose the cleaning partner. If you want to be sure in the final results of perfect cleaning and gentle care, we are the right choice for you. Calling us will guarantee that you receive the most competitive and personalized offer for your specific needs. You will be given professional advice on the best methods to be applied and our friendly staff will leave you with perfectly cleaned and preserved upholstery.

Professional sofa upholstery cleaning service

At End of Tenancy Carpet Cleaning London 4U, our  professional technicians are trained to clean any Type of Fabric and upholstery and use specially formulated upholstery  fabric  cleaners  sofa  armchair cleaning solutions for your upholstery type. Our extensively trained specialists will take the time to understand everything your upholstery may need in order to clean it to the best while taking special precautions in respect with fabric care. Since upholstering materials are so diversified - ranging from genuine leather, natural fibers, polyester and vinyl - it is very important to employ the proper upholstery cleaning methods and equipment for your upholstery furniture.

Our  teams of qualified technicians will identify the Exact Fabric Type of each upholstered piece and will determine the safest and most efficient cleaning method to guarantee extended furniture life.

Upholstery cleaning methods we use:                                  

upholstery  fabric  cleaners  sofa  armchair Call us to receive you free of charge offer and secure the best possible care for your upholstery. Our cleaning service goes with highest attention to the detail and your individual needs.

End of Tenancy Carpet Cleaning London 4U team is fully licensed and insured so you won't have to worry at all.

Don't put it off any longer, please get in touch with one of our local Upholstery Cleaning Experts on 0800 1123430 or via our booking form  24/7 and get the best of the best when it comes to Upholstery Cleaning .

Thank you so much. My house is shining again.

Debby Jackson, Southampton, 10/11/2004
The cleaners did a very good job yesterday. I look forward to see them again next month.

Betty Green, Slough, 27/08/2004
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